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Linda HedbergCongratulations on all the work you’ve done to get to this place of pursuing credentials!

I’m glad you are interested in the possibility of working with me as your mentor coach.

If we haven’t met, here are some things to know about me as you consider me for this important role on your professional journey.

About Linda Hedberg, PCC:


I’m a coaching geek and I love working with new Christian coaches in mentor coaching! Using the ICF Core Competencies, we consider both the art and science of coaching. We can address any questions you may have about the integration of Christian faith with professional coaching practices. The benefits of mentor coaching include not only preparing you to meet credentialing requirements but also increasing your skills so you have more impact and confidence as you serve those you coach.

Although mentor coaching can be intense, it can also be fun! I have worked with a diverse group of mentor coaching clients and they say working with me is an encouraging and empowering learning experience (see below). If this sounds like what you are looking for, I would love to work with you!

Choose the Mentor Coaching that fits your needs!

Here are some testimonials from my mentor coaching clients:

Linda has been a tremendous Mentor Coach for me. As I pursued my coaching credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF), Linda’s expertise helped me navigate the ICF application process and, more importantly, the ICF core competencies to better my coaching skills. She kindly and generously guided me to insights through her thoughtfulness and attention to detail in each session.

She also went above and beyond to offer support outside our mentor coaching sessions by pointing me to resources and opportunities that would help me grow as a coach.

With Linda’s guidance, I was able to achieve new, higher levels of success with current clients at my organization. If you are contemplating mentor coaching, I enthusiastically encourage you to dive in with Linda!

Andrea T, ACC   |   Minneapolis, MN

I cannot recommend Linda enough as a mentor coach!  Linda’s expertise as a skilled coach was evident throughout the mentor coaching process. With kindness, grace, and humility, Linda provided both support and challenge by listening intently, asking powerful questions and giving thoughtful feedback during each of our sessions.

Our time together without question helped me improve my coaching skills and allowed me to confidently pursue and obtain my ICF credential.  If you are looking for a mentor coach, I highly recommend you consider working with Linda.

Lynne Raatz, ACC    |

Interested in working with Linda?

Linda brings skilled coaching, compassion and has challenged me to think in ways only a great coach can. Over the years of working with Linda, I have become a better coach, business leader and friend. I have come to understand both my gifts and blind spots in ways that help me to make transformative changes.
Without hesitation, I recommend Linda!

Leslie Vatne, ACC   |   Internal Coach with a Fortune 500 Company

I was quite nervous seeking out a mentor coach – mostly because I didn’t know what to expect!

Linda guided me through the process and answered all my questions and concerns. During our sessions we listened together to recordings of me coaching (with permission of my client of course). Linda commented on what I was doing well and offered feedback on ways to improve. Then in future calls, she noticed my growth and improvement.

I completed our mentor partnership feeling well-coached and confident! I would highly recommend considering Linda Hedberg when you are in need of a mentor coach.

TerryAnn Porter, ACC, PCCI Student   |